– For Sale By Owner (located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

Message From Owner:

I’m the original owner and I have all the papers.

Its a 1987 Buick regal grand national with a rare sunroof option.

I put a GNX style dash and flared fenders as well as adding a spoiler in 2001.

Since then I’ve put on about 25, 000 miles and in the last 5 years or so less then 5000. Three years ago the engine was rebuilt at FRESKIES KUSTOM.

Since I don’t drive it much anymore, I’ve decided to sell it.

It is modified to be a race car with the a/c/heater removed and line lock added and lots of other goodies listed below.

But it was way to fast to drive on the streets with even my higher then stock brake conversion system and of course no safety air bags.

Not to mention the blue meanies.

I used it strictly to go to car shows and the occasional leisure ride.

It has won many trophies at car shows.

I added a lot of chrome and made cosmetic changes from stock exterior and interior.

GNX style mags are also painted black.

And I removed the badges as I liked the Darth Vadar look but I still have them as well as two Mickey Thompson racing slicks on original gn mags.

I did a 1.6 60 ft time.

I’m asking 30,000.


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